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Autonomous Driving




  • 高精度地図の構築:最先端のセンサー技術とカートグラフィを駆使して、迅速かつ正確な地図を作成し、自動運転車に信頼性の高いナビゲーションサポートを提供します。
  • 卓越した自動運転性能:当社の車両は複雑な都市環境でも柔軟に対応し、安全で快適なドライビング体験を実現します。
  • コスト効率の高さ:革新的なモジュール設計と計算能力の最適化により、コストを抑えつつ高性能を維持します。
  • 先進的なセンシング融合技術:単線レーダーSLAMと深度カメラの組み合わせにより、反射光や人混みの多い環境下でも正確な位置情報を把握します。
  • インテリジェントな回避と経路計画:リアルタイムで障害物を識別し、回避しつつ、最適な走行経路を計画します。
  • 革新的なシャシー設計:当社独自のシャシー設計は、様々な路面状況に適応し、室内外問わず安定した走行を実現します。



Pioneering the Future of Transport with State-of-the-Art Autonomous Driving Technology

Our commitment to autonomous driving technology is centered around crafting an environment that prioritizes safety and efficiency on the road. Here are the standout features of our system:


  • Precision-Engineered Map Construction: Leveraging the latest in sensor and cartography technology, we create swift and precise maps that provide reliable navigation support to our autonomous vehicles.
  • Unmatched Autonomy in Driving: Skillfully navigating complex urban landscapes, our vehicles deliver an exceptionally safe and fluid driving experience.
  • Optimized for Cost and Performance: Our innovative modular design, coupled with optimized computational efficiency, strikes a perfect balance between high performance and cost-effectiveness.
  • Cutting-Edge Sensory Fusion Technology: Integrating single-line radar SLAM with advanced depth cameras, our vehicles are capable of accurately determining their position, even amidst challenging conditions like reflective surfaces and crowded areas.
  • Smart Obstacle Detection and Strategic Route Planning: Our system is adept at real-time identification and avoidance of obstacles, ensuring the plotting of the most efficient and safe routes.
  • Revolutionary Chassis Design: Crafted to adapt seamlessly across diverse road conditions, our chassis guarantees stable operation, whether indoors or outdoors.
These technological advancements not only elevate the standards of driving safety and comfort but also underscore our commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable transportation solutions. Join us in experiencing the drive of the future.